I had been feeling stuck for a very long time, locked into a sense of powerlessness, allowing my fears and old, unhealthy programming to hold me back from enjoying life. Working with Cheryl has helped me to embrace my power and truly accept responsibility for myself. The extraordinary set of skills and tools she offers, in combination with her insight, patience and compassion, has helped me to find the freedom and joy within myself that I’ve been searching for. And she makes it fun! Finally I am understanding manifestation as I see myself creating my life as I choose.

Thank you, Cheryl!
Alenia, Composer. Ashland, Oregon


I'm SO grateful that we got to do some healing work… I am feeling more excited about the possibilities and opportunities that I can create. I ended up coming up with FIFTEEN possibilities of what I could do… Cheryl was very kind and supportive, and I’m glad God put her in my life at this time.

Manal Khalife Healing Coach. Ontario, Canada



I am profoundly grateful for Cheryl and her presence in my life. She is extremely loving, empathic, and intuitive. In her healing sessions, she holds a very safe and supportive space, which allows me to go deep into the work of releasing stored emotions and old programming that no longer serve. I can attest to her gifts as a coach and healer. Every time I visit with her, I experience subtle energetic shifts, which make me feel more peace, relaxation, and clarity in my life. She helps me connect to my higher self and make the changes in my life that honor the most authentic parts of me. I always come away from my experience with her feeling deeply renewed and optimistic about the possibilities for my life.”

Kristin Koerper Elementary Educator. Covelo, California


I have worked with Cheryl over the last two years and have found her to be both expert and caring in her approach. We mostly use Skype and I feel her presence just as strongly as when I’m with her.

Jane Hernandez, CCHT. San Francisco, CA



Working with Cheryl was fantastic. Her disposition, her words of encouragement and her questioning really helped me to come up with a plan for how I can change. Coaching is great – better than normal counseling. I love the interactive nature of it, and the immediate results.

Todd Vance Commercial Pilot. San Francisco, CA


You provided hope, relief and understanding, and I am so grateful!

Melody S. Teacher. Sebastopol, CA