Signature Packages

3-Month Transformation Coaching Package

This 9-session healing and coaching package will help you get clear about what's blocking your success, show you how to eliminate those blocks, and support your transformational journey to fulfillment in your health, happiness, life purpose and wealth with accountability and support. You'll create and follow an action plan to transform your life at the nervous system level, replacing old neural pathways connected to trauma with new, empowered pathways aligned with your goals.

*SUMMER SPECIAL*  $997 (save $113) until 9/7/17

1110.00 USD

6-Month Prosperity Coaching Package

This 18-session healing and coaching package will support your deeper transformation to prosperity and success with added commitment to yourself. You'll experience the rewards of clarity, healing, trauma release, and renewed energy as you rewire your nervous system with new neural pathways that match your vision for yourself and the life you desire. You'll receive expert guidance, support and accountability to keep you on track to achieve your dreams.

*SUMMER SPECIAL*  $1967 (save $223) until 9/7/17

2190.00 USD